The Canterville Ghost! By Amy Hodges and Phoebe Goodfield

The Canterville Ghost!

By Amy Hodges and Phoebe Goodfield

Last year the Westview Court Jesters brought Westview the play: The Canterville Ghost. Members of the theatre cast and crew were interviewed to gain a behind the scenes perspective on a theater production.

Marcy Junio is a critical part of the behind the scenes production, because she is Crew Head of Props. “What was the hardest thing about the play?” “Cleaning up the pie because I had limited time, and had to be quick about it,” replied Junio. “What inspired you to help out with The Canterville Ghost?” Junio said, “Well, first off, I’m a Crew Head so I’m kind of required to, but also because I love working on the plays and being part of it. Although I hated it, the pie scene is what interested me.” Marcy was a great help in the play and without her, or her crew, the play would have been a disaster.

Another key member of the crew, Yuliana Murguia, is Assistant Crew Head of Lights and Sound. We asked her what the hardest thing was for her, this was her reply: “Finding creative ways to make sound effects that are both needed, and added by myself, then have them ready by a due date.” The Lights and Sound crew headed up by Yuliana helped convey the emotion of the scene and add realism to the setting!

Brenton Van Ooyen played Martin the Maniac. When Brenton was asked how he felt on stage whilst performing, he said, “While on stage I felt nervous. I just pretended it was just the crews and actors who were off stage.” One factor that made him feel so nervous and jittery was all the people in the audience watching. Once Brenton blocked them out, it was just as simple as a rehearsal for him.

2018 was an amazing year filled with so much joy and happiness for the play, everyone was excited and we all hope that 2019 brings on an even better play!