Technology, does it make a big difference? by Khoi Tran

Technology, does it make a big difference?

By Khoi Tran

After 11 years of education in Vietnam, I would say that it makes a huge difference, especially in the educational system. Vietnam is a slow developing country due to its flawed education system. The main flaw seems to be the lack of technology investment in school systems. In addition to countless unsuccessful reforms, education receives only about 20% of the nation’s annual budget.

When I came to Westview High School, what I noticed was its technological advancements. Most of the teachers here use projectors to enhance their presentation. With a few exceptions, in Vietnam students have to study everything with textbooks and papers. What most surprised me here was that the school provides studying essentials for students to use, mostly iPads and laptops for classrooms. Meanwhile in Vietnam, most high schools have only 1 to 2 computer labs at best, not to mention, most of which are mediocre. All of this contributes to make the U.S one of the highest ranked education system in the world, while Vietnam sits in the bottom half of the rankings.

My old high school, Nguyen Chi Thanh High School, one of the most renowned high school in the district, has about 2,000 students attending each year, and has only 2 computer labs, 1 library without any computers, no air conditioner in every classroom, and no iPads or computers to provide for students. In comparison,  every building in Westview High School has their own air conditioning system, which makes studying much more comfortable, computers filled the library, and iPads and laptops are available for students to use usage in each subject. To conclude, technology does make a huge difference, especially in the education system.