School Spirit By: Mariah Dodson

School Spirit

By: Mariah Dodson

January 18, 2019

Westview dance members work with community children

What do student athletes and coaches desire most? What do teachers and administrators demand more of in and out of the school classroom? School spirit answers both of these questions. Many schools across the United States do not grasp the importance of school spirit.

School spirit has the power to perform miracles in the athletic and educational world. Student athletes and coaches crave more school spirit because enthusiasm from a crowd provides a team with energy known as hype, unattainable in any other circumstances.

Teachers and administrators yearn for more school spirit because they wish for students to have a positive attitude when attending their school. What school district would not want to convey positive attitudes from their students? All schools need to intensify their school’s spirit in order to obtain the positive benefits school spirit has to offer.