Knights Keeps Winning by Khoi Tran

Knights Keeps Winning

by Khoi Tran

Westview basketball varsity team is on a 6-game winning streak right now. I had a chance to talk to Coach McEvoy about what they have done to achieve such a success so far. When asked about the winning streak, he stated that “it’s just a product of winning each possession.” The team tries to win each little thing so it all adds up when all the pieces come together.

Also it’s an inspiration for the upcoming games, consistency is the key to winning. Asking further about the region, their upcoming game against a strong Shadow Ridge. Coach McEvoy is confident that “the season has prepared us really well to compete in the region.” When asked about the differences from this lineup going into the region compared to the season, he stated that it’s all about the team chemistry, and “every player and every coach is on the same page,” so everyone has confidence in their teammates, an understanding of their roles and execute it perfectly, especially the senior leadership.

Asking more about their players, specifically players that made big impacts in the team, Coach McEvoy said “it’s hard to talk about our team without talking about D’maurian Williams”, who has been playing basketball for 4 years and has a chance to become the school’s all time leading scorer. Coach McEvoy also mentioned seniors Jakob Lofton, Sonny Contreras, Isaiah King, and Ryan Brown performed really well as a team. I asked him how can he keep the players of that caliber on shape and on form, he said “at this point in the season it’s just about saving legs and making sure to have small improvements”. Lastly, I asked Coach McEvoy on the team’s weakness and how to improve it, he said “size is probably our biggest weakness”, but he always has plans going against bigger opponents  by rebounds, using their size against them, and have very strong mid-range game.