Focusing on What Matters by Giana Garcia

Focusing on What Matters

by Giana Garcia

published 1/24/2019

Alyssa Magee setting up the offense versus Millennium.

Westview’s Lady Knights have begun to prepare for regional games. They have had some time to prepare, however, like Alyssa Magee says,“You can never prepare enough.” They have been working on shooting their way into the playoffs, where they hope to gain the win.

Alyssa Magee, the guard for the Lady Knights, is working hard to support her team, “I’ve been preparing by putting up more shots than I would take in a game and developing my IQ.” She feels her defense will help to lead to victory, “we’ve been working a lot on our game and improving, but focus has always been a problem that we need to fix. Without focus, we can’t run our defense,” says Alyssa Magee.

Dalaysha Harris is focusing on appearing like a bigger threat on the court. She says her team needs to focus on,  “working together and execution.” They have their athletic ability and their speed to their advantage and are ready to continue to utilize that in the game. The team has their goals including executing their offense and defense.

The unstoppable Lady Knights are ready for the playoffs. They are all working together to reach their common goal; winning the region. They are ready to use their strengths against the other teams and show that they are the Lady Knights. If going off of Alyssa and Dalaysha’s comments, then regional games are going to be a win for the Knights.