Knights News · The Crucible of Praise

Westview Soccer has had a small amounts of success on the field in the last few season but has rendered a mixed bag of results on the field during this years’ campaign. Whether it was internal or external the group has been hit with a moment for growth. Are we who we are based on the success of the past or are we who people say we are (or should be) or we will be who we are based on the work we put in. The staff, along with the players are putting a major emphasis BACK on the core values that set the foundation before them. Westview Soccer is about Excellence. Excellence is not accidental, it’s not happened upon by luck of the draw, it isn’t realized through mediocrity. We believe that excellence is found through discipline and perseverance. We believe those two things will help the program yield excellence, that by enduring discipline (albeit academic, physical, mental, emotional) excellence is the end result.

After an upsetting start to the season; being knocked out of the Bulldog invitational by a quality Sunrise Mountain side and splitting the results of the first 4 regular season games the group has come together. In a classroom settings, watching film, team meetings, fitness and mental toughness tasks the group realizes the results will be as we prepare.

With great additions to the team like freshmen Christian Aguirre and Justin Morales contributing heavily in the defensive and attacking thirds respectively, Junior newcomer Jesse Villeda bringing the energy box to box, alongside returners Zen Courtois, Chris Ayala, Josue Martinez and Robert Rodriguez we look forward to the success on the field in years to come. But the group is focused on bigger things.

The Knights are looking forward to finishing the non-conference portion of the schedule over the next two weeks playing Mountain Ridge, Dobson, and Boulder Creek.