Coed Varsity Pom Pon · Character Matters Pommie, Aaliyah Nava


Aaliyah Nava has received the Character Matters award for “Hard Work.” It has been amazing to see this young lady’s confidence sky rocket over the past few weeks, especially knowing that this was the goal for her this year. She has begun to pick up choreography faster, improve on her technique, and has been working on her performance quality. Her self-confidence has helped her work and master these things, and it has shown in the halftime performances. Not only is she growing as a pommie, she motivates her teammates with her positive attitude and words of encouragement- plus we love her random comments and outbursts of laughter. We are so glad to have her on the team this season and are VERY proud of her!

Captain’s Remarks:
“She is confident in herself and doesn’t second guess movement. She has grown so much and we can see it!”