Coed Varsity Pom Pon · Character Matters Pommie, Oriana Morales

Ms. Oriana has recieved the Character Matters award for being “consistent.” Throughout the past few months, she has shown her teammates how much she wants to be on pom. Whether it be helping her peers, asking questions to gain clarification, practicing her technique, or seeking out how she can be better. Plus, we have named her the QUEEN of preformance. She carries a sense of “sass” in every single performance and hits every single motion/movement hard- the audience can feel her energy. Because of her performance quality and he willingness to learn, she has earned this award. Oriana doesn’t have to be in a performance setting to show her quality, rather, she does this in practice when it is just us. Needless to say, she is always going “full out” and is consistently perfecting her craft.

Captains remarks:
“She is always performing. Always trying to get better and does the choreography fully every single time. Even when she has to “mark” because her chest hurts, she still wants to go full out.”