Varsity Cross Country · Summer Running Club (Optional)

It’s more fun with friends! Join us Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at 6:30am on the dirt track. Bring a water bottle and your watch. Know someone who likes to run? Bring them along too!

Running over the summer is one of the best ways to ensure a successful Cross Country season. Entering the season with a “foundation” of 200-300+ miles advances your conditioning and helps prevent injuries. Our summer running program meets two days a week throughout the summer. Athletes who log 200+ miles receive an award for their accomplishment.
You MUST record your mileage on the Summer Running Log

Not sure how far or how often you should run? Follow our suggested summer training plan to guide your workouts. Use the tabs in the lower-left former to select the current month. Distances are listed according to your summer goal: 200/300/400/500 mile club.

WHEN: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday beginning June 3rd
TIME: 6:30am-8:00am
WHERE: Meeting at the dirt track
Westview High School
10850 W Garden Lakes Parkway
Avondale, AZ 85392
623 478 4600

COST: $25 includes T-shirt @ the end of the summer
DRESS: Come dressed to run; hats, sunglasses, sunscreen
***Bring a water bottle and after-run snack***
Must be a registered student at Westview High School and have Register My Athlete filled out to attend

There is one day off per week for the first four weeks. One run per week is longer than the others. All running, except one day a week, should be done at an easy pace. An easy pace is a pace that allows comfortable talking, but not so easy that you don’t feel like you’re doing any work. One day a week you should run at a harder pace. This can be any day and the pace should be hard enough that it makes talking difficult.

The three main ingredients in this program, in order of importance are:
1. Mileage
2. The weekly hard run
3. The weekly long run

If you are a beginner do not be intimidated by either the mileage or the other information given. Everyone can do this at his or her own level. Start by doing as much as you can. Step one is simply covering the miles.

The pace you’re running should naturally get faster as the summer progresses. Your physical condition will improve by completing this program. As you invest more and more time in the process, your mental toughness and commitment will improve also.

By the end of the summer some boys should be able to do the training runs at a pace of 6:30/mile or faster. Some girls will be able to train at close to 7:30/mile pace. Of course, the harder runs will be at a faster pace.

Make a commitment to yourself and be honest with yourself, your coaches, and your teammates. Help each other do the summer miles. Consistency in your summer running is what produces improvement.

Daily Mileage:
Boys Girls
Week 1 Total Mileage 28 24
Week 2 Total Mileage 33 26
Week 3 Total Mileage 35 28
Week 4 Total Mileage 40 33

The long run should be at least three miles longer than the average of your miles for the week.

Boys Girls
Week 5 Total Mileage 44 35
Week 6 Total Mileage 45 39
Week 7 Total Mileage 50 42
Week 8 Total Mileage 55 45

Week(s) 1-4 you should be running only 6 days/week
Starting week(s) 5-8 this should be brought up to 7 days/week.

Record mileage on the google doc which will be shared to Band

Head Coach: Vanessa Killian
Athletic Director: Tonya Lee