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Student Ambassadors Helping Students

By Ariel Chaidez

In high school, students join clubs or groups depending on what they like. Let’s  say you’re interested in helping your peers, maybe even prevent them from self harm or suicide, then you would most likely join Student Ambassadors.

I took the time to interview the sponsor and head leader of the Student Ambassadors, Mrs.Biscotti. I asked her a series of questions revolving around the organization.

First I asked her “Who are the Student Ambassadors, what are they about?” She answered, “Student Ambassadors is a student led organization on campus that has a mission of creating a more connected community. They were inspired by a conference they attended called Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life, where they learned about the mental health crisis facing youth and the suicide crisis that the youth is also facing right now. They also wanted to raise more awareness about these issues on campus and create more connections. Also helping students get resources and peer support.”

Following question was, “How many students joined when they heard about Student Ambassadors?” She said, “It started off and got large pretty quickly. There was a core group of students that were already doing student mediation on campus and then the word spread and more kids wanted to get involved”.

The next question was, “How do you feel about sponsoring it?” She said, “It’s exciting, it’s actually the most exciting part of my job because what I do is, I feed off of the enthusiasm that the kids have. So, usually as a teacher we are trying to get students enthusiastic about something, and in this case the students are actually propelling the movement for this club”.

Thanks to Mrs.Biscotti, this sums up what Student Ambassadors is and what they do. If you’re interested into joining them, just go to Mrs.Biscotti’s room 916. Follow their Twitter at @WHSConnected. There is no requirement for grades, even if you have a discipline record you are welcome to join.